Nordiques Win on the Road in a Shootout

The Nordiques hit the road for a 2 game weekend series against the Johnstown Tomahawks for their first road trip of the season.

The first 10 minutes of the 1st solved nothing as teams were feeling each other out in their first matchup of the season. It took almost an entire period but Reese Farrell would put one home from Gaulin and Connolly to give the Nords the lead. With time winding down in the opening frame the Nordiques would swing to the man advantage and Jack “ Sheriff “ Strauss would get his 3rd goal of the season on an assist from Philpott and Isaiah Fox. 2-0 Nords after 1.


The 2nd period started off like the first, back and forth action before the Tomahawks would get on the board at the 7:12 mark of the 2nd. The Nordiques had to kill off 3 penalties in the 2nd and went 8/8 on the PK in the game. The 2nd would end with the Nordiques still up by 1.

The 3rd period opened with a Tomahawks goal within the 2-minute mark. The Nordiques would try to get a response but couldn’t find it. 2-2 after 3, we would need more than 60 minutes to find an answer

In 3 on 3 overtime, both goalies stood tall and denied everything they saw, we would go to a shootout.

The Nordiques wwould shoot first in the shootout and send out Stephan Owens, Owens made a quick move and found the back of the net. The hawks would try and respond but Outen came up with the save. In the 2nd round the D1 commit Tyler Gaulin would start the round for the Nordiques but wasn’t able to find the back of the net. Tyriq Outen was up to keep the Nordiques up a goal in the shootout. He did exactly that. The 3rd round was up Reese Farrell had the opportunity to win it with a goal but was stopped by Sam Evola the Tomahawks goalie. It was down to Tyriq Outen. A stop wins it, a hawks goal would force round 4. The Tomahawks Matt McQuade moved in on Outen, tried to deke him to get him down  but Tyriq came up with the save and the Nordiques win. 3 stops for Outen in the shootout and 49/51 in the game